2016-03-18 Fabulous Food Allergy Friday

Azurite (?) at the Sonoran Desert Museum
Azurite (?) at the Sonoran Desert Museum

It seems to be nearly spring in NH. Of course I say that and it’ll snow next week (knocking on wood, and crossing fingers, and doing whatever else I can not to jinx it). (STOP JINXING OUR WEATHER, Denise!)

This week I found an article from Allergic Living about nut allergies and nail salons. Turns out they often use almond oil as a moisturizer in manicures.  

Not sure why, but I’ve been craving Indian food terribly.  This pork vindaloo in the crockpot would require a few minor changes for me, but it’s fairly doable. 

I had to move all of my flours this week, given leaks and my landlord’s general need to “fix” things about 4 times before they are done. So I’ve been reading a lot of storage advice while things dry out. My flours are fine, but the storage solution (1000 jars in a cabinet) is not the best. None of these tiny kitchen storage solutions work for my issue, but they do seem pretty cool anyway.

I was also glad to get some advice on meat grinding in the food processor. I’d been less than impressed with my results so far, and now I know why.

Have a great weekend everyone!

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