2016-03-11 Fabulous Food Allergy Friday


Flower pic in anticipation of spring
Flower picture in anticipation of spring

Wow, do these Indian rice and dal pancakes look amazing. Planning ahead isn’t one of my specialties, but this looks worth it.

Mary Kate and I have both been using aquafaba in some of our recipes. Donations to the Aquafaba.com site allowed nutritional testing of aquafaba to be done, which you can see here. Each tablespoon is about 3-5 calories. Not bad for an egg substitute. 

For those of you looking for alcohol, here’s a 100% sorghum whiskey I’d love to investigate more and possibly trial when I have more spare cash than I do now. If one of you with corn and wheat allergies tries it, let me know how you do. 

Have a great week everyone!

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