2016-02-19 Fabulous Food Allergy Friday

Denise's grandmother's lake in an undisclosed location in mid coast Maine
Denise’s grandmother’s lake in an undisclosed location in mid coast Maine

Hey, let’s pretend it’s not horrible outside, okay? I may have played this game repeatedly this week (but at least it was sunny).

This week, I’ve realized I haven’t really used my slow cooker much this year, so I started poking around for recipes. This take on carnitas sounds pretty interesting, so pork butt may be on my shopping list next week.

And in the realm of “things I have happily not thought about at all,” here’s how to find out if your health insurance or travel insurance will cover you if you have an anaphylactic reaction when you’re out of the country. Yeah. I know. But better to think about it now than in an ER, I guess.

I (Denise) don’t even know what to say about this article, except it validates an awful lot of my experiences over the years – Is Medicine’s Gender Bias Killing Young Women? I realize this is about cardiac stuff, but the number of times that I have had a doctor minimize my experiences (i.e., no, it wasn’t just a sprain, my ankle was dislocated; no, it wasn’t just a stomach flu, my gall bladder was full of stones; no, it wasn’t a virus, I had undiagnosed food allergies) is disheartening. Is it any wonder that I have a deep distrust of the medical community at this point?

And since I’ve been craving candy terribly, here’s an article on what the tests for the stages of candy making are when cooking sugar syrup.  I need to figure out a recipe for caramels.

Hope you all have a great week!

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