2016-01-29 Fabulous Food Allergy Friday

The New England Center at University of New Hampshire (now a dorm)
The New England Center at University of New Hampshire (now a dorm)

Think not snow. It will clear up. Eventually.

What’s up for this weekend? Maybe some new flavors. I cannot wait to try this no-knead gluten-free bread recipe. And I’m intrigued by this kimchi fried forbidden rice (obviously without the egg on top).

This video of a 3D printed model of a yeast cell got posted in one of my fermenting groups. It’s kind of cool to see what the little wee beasties in my cider, kombucha, and sourdough starter look like. 

I (Denise) ordered my seeds and some strawberry plants from Johnny’s Selected Seeds this past week. I ordered this past Friday and the order, with the exception of the plants, was here on Monday. Considering the size of the order (there were four of us ordering together), it’s pretty impressive.  If you’re thinking about starting your seeds early because you’re impatient, consider this post first.  I think I’m going to push the dates I start ahead a couple weeks from last year’s dates, because I had some spindly, light starved plants last year.

Hope you all have a good weekend, think of spring!

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