2016-01-15 Fabulous Food Allergy Friday

Bethlehem Steel
Bethlehem Steel

Hey, people.  Quick links this week (and a reminder that, if you can get a flu shot, maybe get a flu shot):

While I (Mary Kate) am not a huge fan of salads, I do like fresh green vegetable flavors, particularly in the winter. I’m thinking of trying some sprouting at home. I am worried about what seems to be a need for regular daily maintenance — I forget to water plants for weeks at a time — but it would be nice to have small quantities for side salads, rather than buying sprouts (which seem to get recalled a lot) and having half of them rot.

A guide to cooking ahead and freezing grains. This will be perfect for quick lunches and dinners.

If you have a dehydrator, this is a neat way to preserve some citrus to use in braised food, tagines, tea and water. 

It’s been a long rough slog this week, so although this isn’t food related, at least it’s fun. Apparently you can get your head 3-D printed on a Lego body. I desperately want to do this, but my seed order for spring is taking priority at the moment. 

Have a good weekend everyone, let’s hope next week is better!

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