2016-01-01 Happy Fabulous Food Allergy New Year!

follow the ducks
follow the ducks

Do you all make New Year’s resolutions?  Sometimes, I (Mary Kate) make plans, but I’m not big on resolutions. I promise we’ll make new recipes for you, though!

In honor of Mary Kate’s New Year’s Eve, check out the wikipedia page on the history of Peeps. I promise more on this (photos, at least) soon.

For fabulous recipes today, maybe try long noodles for longevity, greens for prosperity, or chocolate chip cookies for a sweet year.

I (Denise) usually have some whacko over-the-top goal that I try to complete, but sort of never make it, but it gets me further along than I would have towards the end goal than I would have without it. However, I’ve been sort of blind sided by the holidays this year and I haven’t really prepared. I would like to be kinder to myself this year, but I’m not sure how to translate that into an achievable goal. Also I’m pretty sure someone would have to dart gun me with a tranquilizer. But maybe better time management would help. Someone in one of my fermenting groups posted this app on how to manage your ferments.  Baby steps? Ha. 

Also, this article’s been around but since it’s the time of year when some imbibe, here’s info on alcohol, asthma and food allergies.  Alcohol can make allergic reactions worse, so be careful out there.

Hope you all have a wonderful New Year!


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