2015-2-6 Fabulous Friday Finds

Kiwi, apres bath time, hosts the blog this week
Kiwi, apres bath time, hosts the blog this week

Happy Friday from annoyingly snowy NH! I think we got our quota of snow, it’s someone else’s turn now. Seriously. At least a week off, please.

Since Mary Kate and I are always interested in experiments and science, Serious Eats has an interesting post on the best way to chop or mince garlic and how each method seems to evoke a hotter or milder flavor. I love garlic and was fascinated that it really made a difference. 

I can’t have the sesame seeds, but this recipe for Cumin & Black Sesame Naan, which is gluten-free and vegan, looks interesting. Winter makes me want yummy, warm Indian food, and my husband has been making curries and korma in the crock-pot to take to work, and unfortunately, he isn’t making allergy safe for me versions. The aroma has been maddening. 

I’ve never considered baking hummus before, but this recipe, with balsamic marinated mushrooms and pears on top, sounds like exactly what I’m bringing to my next potluck. Or maybe this sorghum pilaf, as I need to start cooking with sorghum. I LOVE sorghum flour and use it in just about everything I bake, but I’ve not done much with the whole grain yet.

Have a great weekend everyone!

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