2015-2-20 Fabulous Friday Finds

Tower Court Great Hall, Wellesley College
Tower Court Great Hall, Wellesley College

Happy Chinese New Year, everyone. Sadly, the world outside looks like it did when I dragged Denise and her friend Laura to Boston’s Chinatown for the parade a few years ago — like a drunk snow globe. It is unpleasant out there. But hey, we have more than a week until Boston’s Lion Dance parade. Maybe it won’t be awful out? In the meantime, make some Chinese food at home. Corinne of sparecake let me spend some time with her mom’s copy of the book those recipes were in, and I’ve now ordered it. It just hasn’t come in yet. Coming soon? My own version of those pancakes. Yum. Also likely up, and good to go at fixing both the cold and the Chinese New Year issues, this hot and sour vegetable soup, with a few mods (no tofu, fake soy sauce).

I’m (Denise) freezing to death, which makes me crave greasy and/or fried food. These fried Chick Pea Flour Mini Puffs look awesome. I’ll have to try making some the next time Mary Kate and I decide to set stuff on fire, i.e. have a frying day.

I also have been doing a lot of physical exertion lately and would kill for a corn free ibuprofen or Advil. But since I don’t have that option short of paying big bucks for compounding, this Pain Relief Tea for Aches, Pain, and Inflammation might be neat to try. 

Have a great weekend, hopefully no more snow!

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