2015-12-11 Fabulous Food Allergy Friday

A wreath of sorts, the one Denise knit for her wedding
A wreath of sorts, the one Denise knit for her wedding

It’s that time of year, with all the holiday stuff. (I’m [Denise] sort of a Grinch).  If you don’t have time to create an allergy free for you gingerbread house, although we have a recipe to make onecheck out this Lego version, although the price seems exorbitant to me. I’m not well versed in Lego’s though, so I could be off about that. 

Recently a post in one of my allergy groups made me go looking for nutritional information for fruits and veggies. I found this database from the USDA. It’s helpful if you’re trying to figure out to get particular nutrients if you don’t have safe vitamins.  

Did you know anything about Chuck Williams, founder of Williams-Sonoma? I didn’t, but after reading his obit, I’m so glad he started his store. He really made half my kitchen possible, and I don’t own anything from the store he started!

News on the research front — more research on how food affects us via a study of a certain inflammation marker (zonulin) and its relationship to gluten-sensitivity and celiac. Eventually, maybe we’ll understand how all of this works.

Have a great weekend everyone!

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