2015-11-6 Fabulous Food Allergy Friday

Odiorne Point State Park
Odiorne Point State Park

This really isn’t food allergy related (okay, I guess it is when they’ve started making plastic out of corn and crab both of which I’m allergic to), but this article about a factory tour of the facility where they make Pyrex makes me want to go check it out. I use a lot of glass and Pyrex for storage. 

Also, this recipe  for Spicy Sorghum Roti looks good, now that I also have a bunch of sorghum flour to use up (my flour order came in), just don’t use wheat flour for dusting and it’ll work out fine. 

I (Mary Kate) hate the time change. It makes me tired for a week or more, and kittens do not care that the clocks have changed, so I’m still getting as though they didn’t. Or getting woken up, at least. I think that’s why I’m craving pasta even though this week hasn’t really been cold at all (71ºF yesterday!). I would like to try making my own, and I might start with this recipe for homemade gluten-free pasta dough.

Also, I’m finding myself with a serious energy slump in the mornings lately, so I’m looking for good snacks. These Vegan Oat Berry Breakfast Bars might be worth a try. And I love getting the weekly recipes from Veg News. Not all of them are allergy-friendly, but many are or are easily adaptable.

Have a good weekend, everyone.



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