2015-10-2 Fabulous Food Allergy Friday

Denise's knitted dragon project hosts the blog this week.
Denise’s knitted dragon project hosts the blog this week.

In science news, a Newly Discovered Cell May be Key Contributor to Severe Allergic Reactions. Here’s hoping we find more causes and so solutions some day. 

Since I’ve (Denise) had some reactions to maple syrup that may be corn or dairy related, or that may be related to my maple pollen allergy, and I’m still swimming in apples, this Apple Cider Syrup & Molasses recipe appears intriguing. 

I (Mary Kate) am obsessed with sweet potatoes this week. I need more recipes as, wonderful as baked sweet potatoes are, I’m bored with them. I am thinking that this soup, with maple syrup and bacon, sounds great. This sweet potato burrito bowl also looks good, and I think I can modify it to suit my allergies, like using vegan cheese and guacamole instead of sour cream as a topping. I’m also thinking that I should make my own recipe for amazing sweet potato soup again, with chipotle goodness. Or sweet potato chips.

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