2015-08-14 Fabulous Food Allergy Friday

Scrap Robot Mac Steel
Scrap Robot Mac Steel

Ah, Vermont, so full of weird! Last weekend, I (Mary Kate) went to Vermont to experience all the weirdness it had to offer. While on the road, I had a great plate of salmon with an apple-fennel slaw. I think the original plate had an additional side, and the gluten-free option just removed it, but I felt comfortable at the restaurant, and the slaw was amazing. I found this recipe for a celery, apple, fennel slaw that sounds a bit similar — I’m sure the one I had didn’t have celery, but everything is better with celery. I will be trying something like this soon.

I also made the questionable decision to eat from a buffet where I think I may have encountered a tiniest bit of gluten. I wasn’t very sick, but I was messing up words the whole next day. Sometimes, I am not sure what’s just an “off” day, and what is a possible allergy/intolerance/maybe celiac reaction, but I’ve learned so much about allergy-related reactions from sites like Gluten Dude and other allergy sites where people share their own lived experiences with food allergies.  How do you learn about living with food allergies? Do you want to tell some researchers where you get your information? Mount Sinai’s Jaffe Food Allergy Institute is doing a survey about where food allergy patients get their information. Want to participate?

I’m (Denise) still struggling with breakfast ideas that aren’t my current standard rotation of oatmeal with brown sugar and water and nuked, or fresh fruit. This still has oatmeal, but it’s kinda different, Apple Pie Breakfast Pizza. There’s still a few things I’d have to sub out, and I’d skip the dairy free yogurt part as there’s no corn safe dairy free commercial yogurt, but it’d be relatively simple for me otherwise. 

Because I don’t have many options for easy desserts, I admit that sometimes I might eat half an 8 ounce jar of my home canned jam. But maybe this recipe for Vegan Mexican Sweet Chocolate Sweet Potato Pudding might push me to make a larger effort. I’ll have to sub out the coconut ingredients, but it sounds like it could be really good. 

Have a great weekend everyone. We are working on some upgrades to the blog, so be alert for something new, coming soon.


    1. I’ve been making my own yogurt and then stirring in some of my home canned jam. This makes a great breakfast. My current favorite breakfast is zucchini noodles with chopped tomatoes, spicy sausage (from my local farmer-with no weird ingredients) topped with my homemade pesto. The zucchini, tomatoes, basil and garlic all come from my yard. I forget your particular allergy issues, but if nuts are a problem the pesto would still be delicious without them.

    2. After reading through your list, I see that the yogurt wouldn’t work. The zucchini noodle thing could though. I prefer savory breakfasts, so this is my go to all summer. I freeze the pesto in those Ball silicone trays. It takes just a minutes to get the ingredients in the bowl and then a couple in the microwave to cook.

      1. I’m still trying to get over the whole “only eating breakfast food at breakfast thing.” I just need to deal and eat regular food at breakfast, but I haven’t managed to make myself do it yet.

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