2015-07-24 Fabulous Food Allergy Friday

Awesome Railroad Trestle in the White Mountains of New Hampshire
Awesome Railroad Trestle in the White Mountains of New Hampshire


I know we usually do recipe links and food allergy news, but this is sort of related, as you do need plates to eat things, if you’re polite. I love the Blue Willow china pattern, but these Calamityware versions of it with flying monkeys, robots (ROBOTS MARY KATE!!), volcanoes, pirates, UFO invasions, and sea monsters are so cool. If anyone wants to buy me presents, seriously, these are awesome. (I have seen these, but they are wicked spendy. I love the UFO one best. -MK)

I found this recipe for an aquafaba vegan butter. I can’t use it as is because of the coconut, but I might trying having another go at my margarine recipe using the aquafaba as an emulsifier. If you can have coconut, check out the recipe.

So, more in the aquafaba vein (I know we posted about this months ago, but aquafaba is Latin for “bean water” and is the stuff you drain out of a can of beans. It’s an amazing egg replacer and I can’t believe it took me so long to start playing with it. It makes excellent egg-free meringues, and if you want more, go join the Vegan Meringues group on FB. It IS a vegan group, so be respectful if you are not vegan, but a more enthusiastic group of bakers and experiments is hard to fidn online). Anyway, these almond-lemon cookies sound simple and amazing and perfect to make tonight. Well, maybe not exactly perfect, as I really want to try them with orange to pair with a chocolate mousse, also an aquafaba experiment.

I’ve been cleaning, and I’ve discovered a cache of grains I bought without a clear idea of what to do with them. One thing I might try is this cold sorghum salad with fruit and nuts (does contain walnuts). I might alter things a bit to use what I have, but kale and apples would be great in the fall. I was thinking maybe berries and spinach right now in the summer.

Have a great weekend everyone!

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