2015-07-17 Fabulous Food Allergy Friday

Purple cayenne peppers, because what could be better than a purple chile?
Purple cayenne peppers, because what could be better than a purple chili?


In food allergy medical news, it looks like the peanut allergy patch, Viaskin®Peanut,  is entering Phase III in the clinical trial process during which it will be given to a larger group of people to confirm its effectiveness and collect information that will allow it to be used safely. Still not sure how I (Denise) feel about this without long term data. 

And in further food allergy news, here’s an interesting article on the effect that the molecular structure of some milk proteins (the ones which lacks iron and siderophores) has on activating Th2 lymphocytes in your immune system, which stimulates the production of IgE antibodies against the milk protein. Apparently the same thing is possible with birch pollen. 

Apparently this is the week for allergen news — a recent article discussed a study (that I could not find in a quick search) that showed that at least some doctors are starting to recognize that blood and skin prick tests do not actually capture all the allergic reactions that children have. As adults, we’re both well aware of this. It’s good to see that maybe doctors are starting to pay attention. (Though if anyone has more time to search and finds that study, post the link.)

To give you one bit on a lighter note, here’s a homemade cherry vanilla syrup that is apparently based on a drink at a restaurant in Maine, Denise’s home state. This is pretty allergen-friendly, and I LOVE cherry sodas, so I think I’m going to have to try it.

Go forth and learn something. Or not — it is almost the weekend, after all.


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