2015-05-15 Fabulous Food Allergy Friday

Rhino Butt Friday
Yes, I went to the Lincoln Park Zoo and all I brought you was a couple of rhino butts.

Goatsandgreens did a three-recipe Cinco de Mayo celebration, including these lettuce wrap fish tacos. That sounds tasty. There’s also a mango pear salsa, a very different salsa than our earlier summer mango salsa. There is always room for more mangoes in my week.

Have you made vegetable stock concentrate? I have not, but after looking at this recipe, it looks very do-able and useful. I will be trying it as soon as I’ve got some leftover veg to use up.

I still have King Arthur Flour on my Facebook feed from when I could still eat wheat, basically because I like to torture myself. But this week I saw this recipe for Chocolate Sorbet that’d be worth trying if you’ve got safe for you ingredients. I don’t think I could have expresso powder, but I’m sure I could figure out something or just skip it. No milk, or other non-dairy milks, just basically chocolate and cocoa powder and sugar.

It’s Food Allergy Awareness week, and FARE has some information on anaphylaxis that bears repeating. Feel free to share on social media. 

Have a great week everyone!

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