2015-04-24 Fabulous Food Allergy Friday

Grill on Fire
This grill is what I’m dreaming of just now, so it’s hosting Friday finds. From an early spring barbeque in the grand year of 2006.

So it’s Friday again, and while we might have had spring earlier this week, it’s gotten a bit chilly again. So let’s dream of summer and fire, okay? I (MK) know it was cold this day, too, as I’m wearing flannel in the other photos, but it was still grilling time.

What did we dig up this week? I don’t know what Denise found, but I do know she’s hanging dry wall at the moment, so if it’s just my finds going live, you’ll have to forgive her. It’s possible she can’t move her arms.

Have you heard of “aquafaba“? Yeah, me neither until the other day. Apparently, the cooking water/juice from canned beans (commercial and home-canned) can be used to make meringues, marshmallow fluff substitutes, and other confectionery wonders. It’s vegan, and if you can your own, likely allergen-safe. I need to give this a try.

My other great find this week was mangoes. I’ve had mango juice before, and liked it, but it must be mango season given that they are on sale everywhere in town. Mangoes are AMAZING and I’ll share what I’ve been doing with them on Monday. Just a tip: if you have not cut mangoes before, watch the damn video. Otherwise, it’s just really, really messy.

I’m (Denise) managing to check in. I did not end up hanging drywall this evening, instead I went to Home Depot again and gave them more money to buy a Dremel Ultra-Saw. So I’ll be hanging drywall this weekend. Remember that whole why I didn’t want to be a home owner thing?  Right.  Anyway, I saw an interesting blurb on the FARE blog about a potential new blood test that would predict allergy severity.

Also, Vox had a review of a new book called “Got Milked?” which takes a look at whether what we’ve been led to believe about milk having health benefits is true or not. Maybe it’ll help you answer all those people who say “Milk allergy? But what will you do about calcium? You’ll get osteoporosis?”  Or is that only me? 

What are you looking forward to this weekend? Are you going to try aquafaba? If you do, tell us about it!

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