2014-12-12 Fabulous Friday Finds

Pottery at the Arizona State Museum
Pottery at the Arizona State Museum

So Mary Kate’s been holding the fort for us lately on the link posts because I’ve been slacking due to further extended craziness in my life right now. But if things work out the way I’m hoping, there will be all sorts of interesting blog posts as a result, so you’ll all benefit too. With the added stress, I’ve been craving sweets. Allyson Kramer posted this yummy Devil’s Food Cake from her new book. There’s a few things I’ll have to sub out, but I think I can get close.  

Many of you might have meant to get around to starting your own safe vanilla extract, but didn’t quite get around to it. If you need some vanilla for holiday baking, try making your own Toasted Vanilla Powder as a substitute for the extract as it takes a lot less time to do. (This sounds so good. — MK)

IMPORTANT QUESTIONS: Why do your potatoes turn green? And are they safe? SCIENCE. (Short answer: peel away the green, but throw them away if they taste bitter. I’ve only thrown out potatoes for bad taste after peeling once. It was a very sad occasion. Store your potatoes in the dark.)

If it’s cold where you are, you are looking for comfort food. If it’s not cold where you are, well, shut up. No one wants to hear about your weather right now. Anyway, up here, whenever lunch talk turns to comfort food, one of my New England native co-workers will bring up “American Chop Suey.” Nevermind that it bears little relationship to Chop Suey, “Americanized” already, but American Chop Suey is pretty much the original homemade hamburger helper. Still, it’s a hearty giant meal to feed a crowd (or large family), and it’s pretty allergy friendly to start with. Enjoy.

Have a great week everyone!

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