2014-11-07 Fabulous Friday Finds

Pretty Autumnal Color
Pretty Autumnal Color

This is a definite TGIF Friday for me (Mary Kate), as I haven’t been home at a reasonable time all week. I went from an “ah, vacation”-ending Monday to HELLO.THISISYOURWEEKPLEASEWALKFASTERKEEPUPNOW. As such, I’ve subsisted on soup I froze last month and rice cakes and cashew cheese and apples, though someone nicely cooked me a Daiya pizza the other night. So far as I can tell, Denise has been similarly relaxed, but hey, we haven’t had time to talk, so I could be wrong. (I’m having a huge glass of wine as I write my section of this post, if that’s any indication. -D) 

So this week, here are some pretty trees. And some minimal, hurried linkage.

Salt. It makes things taste good. So how should we use it? Got this one from one of Corinne’s posts at Spare Cake. I bookmarked it so I can read it when my brain is less mushy.

Bagels. I really really really miss them, and when I made them, or tried, they were awful and horrible (and a lot of work. I read generally good things about Jennifer’s Way Bakery, and I am seriously considering an order of bagels (and maybe some other stuff, because if you’re going to pay overnight shipping for gluten-free baked goods, why not go all out?)

And that’s what I’ve got. Hope you all have good weekend plans that don’t involve getting up too early.

I probably don’t have much this week either, because I’m experiencing a reality similar to Mary Kate’s but I did find this interesting post from FARE on knowing the difference between anaphylaxis and anaphylactic shock, which is good. I tend to down play my symptoms, at times, and it may get me into serious trouble one day, so it’s good to have reminders to take this stuff seriously. Speaking of reminders, here’s a poster of symptoms you might want to share with friends and family. 

And here’s a new way to play with cranberries before Thanksgiving – Pickled Cranberries. You can either can it, or make refrigerator pickled cranberries with this recipe. I might try it as an alternative to making 3-5 variants of cranberry sauce.

I’ll repeat Mary Kate’s wishes for a laid back and restful weekend for you all. 


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