2014-10-03 Fabulous Friday Finds + Win Tickets to the GFAF Expo!

Dramatic New Orleans
Dramatic New Orleans

Welcome to October, folks. Do you have any idea how it got here? Because I am confused.

The Kitchn is doing an October cooking school — want to sign up? 20 days, 20 lessons. New skills are never wasted in the kitchen. I’m hoping for some knife skills, among other things, especially in the veg sections. (I signed up too – D)

Also from The Kitchn, some organizing ideas for small spaces. I have ideas, just haven’t found what I’m looking for yet.

Okay, this might not really be interesting for some of you, because you’re not making your own jam or canning yet, and it’s really nerdy, but you need to check out this article on The Chemistry of Jam-Making.

We got a pumpkin from our CSA, and I’m (Denise) going to pressure can it, so that I can use it for baking and so on, and because I can’t fit one more thing in my freezer. (Note to self: make some veggie stock and get the veggie scraps out of your freezer.) This recipe for Healthy Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Oat bars would work, if I use safe-for-me chocolate, and my other safe ingredients. 


So we have some tickets to give away for the Gluten-free & Allergen-free Expo. Want to win? Give us a recipe idea — tell us something you miss from your pre-allergy life and what the issues are for you now. We’re not saying we can fix all of them, but we’re still pretty proud of making allergy-friendly fried “cheese nuggets.” (And, yes, that link says “allergen-free.” We’re better about that now than we used to be. People are allergic to all sorts of stuff we don’t know about. [Of course, the nuggets are no longer safe for me, but I’ve got ideas on fixing it -D]) We’ll announce two winners next week — each winner will get two tickets to the Expo, and we’d love you to come find us while you’re there.

Comment early and often, get yourself as many entries as you can!

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