2014-09-12 Fabulous Friday Finds

A lizard who dropped by at the Tuscon Botanical Museum
A lizard who dropped by at the Tuscon Botanical Museum

So I (Denise) already posted this on our Facebook page, but it’s interesting enough that it bears repeating for those of you not following us on Facebook (also, follow us on Facebook, here.)  FARE issued a press release about a study in which they have  developed a unique monoclonal antibody, grown in the laboratory, which would target and deactivate mast cells, which play a key role in allergic reactions. The thought that you could desensitize someone to their food allergies is amazing, but since I’ve been taking an immunology course on edX.org, it’s a whole lot more complex than it sounds in this article. 

Since the food allergy thing, my ability to take any vitamins, probiotics and supplements has been cut off entirely (damn you corn, coconut, and milk!). As a result, and as a deep seated need for me to have Tabasco and Sriracha like sauces existed, I learned to ferment to get some probiotics, increase the bio-availability of some vitamins, and get some decent hot sauce. I quite like fermenting, and Boston Ferments is having their 2014 Boston Fermentation Festival on September 27, 10-4pm at the Egleston Farmers Market, Jamaica Plain, MA. It’s free and will be headlined by one of the world’s most renowned fermentation revivalists, Sandor Katz.

Lastly, I’m still skirting around with trying to find a homemade mayo that will work for me. Since I can have cashews, this might work. I need to a mayo recipe testing weekend at some point, but this one needs to go on the list of potential contenders, Egg-Free MayonnaiseI bet it’ll work for me, at least until my body decides that it’s done with cashews (I keep losing nuts). 

I (Mary Kate) discovered a new snack, suitable for me, not suitable for others with coconut allergies, in line with my current obsession with all things coconut: Dang Coconut Chips. I’m glad they aren’t that cheap, or I might not eat anything else this week. Sadly, though, it’s triggered a mad obsession with coconut cake (and then I discovered I have no baking coconut at all; I’ll fix that tomorrow).

Speaking of cakes, though, I recently bought Cara Reed’s cookbook. You know, the Fork and Beans writer? It’s possible that she’s a little crazy (she did make cheerios), but all that obsession goes into some amazing baking recipes that are both gluten-free and vegan. The cookbook is gorgeous, includes a coconut cake as well as versions of all the Girl Scout cookies, and a whole mess of other amazing things that I want to bake all of Right Now. And for anyone missing food colorings or colored sugars? Yeah, those are covered, too.

Hope you all have a great weekend! We are going to the new Whole Foods.



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