2014-08-29 Fabulous Friday Finds

Sailboat, Portsmouth, NH
Sailboat, Portsmouth, NH

Hey, it’s artisanal lard! With the rise of less industrial ways to raise meat, it is nice to see the recognition that all the parts can be of value. The idea of making spreads from lard is old, not new, and Denise has worked out a recipe for a margarine, playing with lard and tallow.

Since the corn allergy reared its ugly head, there’s been a lot of products I (Denise) can’t have anymore. One of them I miss desperately is pepperoni. I really haven’t bothered to work out a pizza because (a) I have to make a non-dairy cheese without coconut, corn or almond in it, and (b) who cares if there’s no pepperoni?  But someone on the Corn Allergy & Intolerance group on Facebook posted a link for Making Homemade Pepperoni…so now I’m going to have to do it and figure out a cheese. 

In food allergy research news, FARE posted a press release on work that Cathryn Nagler, PhD, Bunning Food Allergy Professor at the University of Chicago is doing that shows that the composition of your microbiome bacteria and the correlation to antibiotic and antimicrobial use may have on the increasing susceptibility to food allergies.

Have a great holiday weekend everyone!


    1. I use lard as my main cooking fat. I render it from the fat of the whole pastured hogs I purchase. It’s shelf stable. It tastes good, and it’s good for you. I never thought about selling it. I wonder what legal hoops would have to be jumped through…

      1. I’ve rendered beef tallow and lard,because the store bought brands of lard have citric acid. Sigh. I don’t mind doing it, but the aroma bothers my husband a bit. I actually need to start thinking about ordering my next round of suet and leaf lard.

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