2014-08-1 Fabulous Friday Finds


Tapestry Loom at Arizona State Museum
Tapestry Loom at Arizona State Museum

Okay, here’s a another dairy free cheese thing, Vegan Queso Dip, but using eggplants as a base. I’d have to sub out the nutritional yeast, corn starch, and almond milk, but it looks interesting.

I found this Creamy Cannellini-Broccoli Soup recipe, which sounds great, except for the fennel bulb in it. I may sub that out for celery just because I’m not a huge fennel fan. But I love the idea of using the beans to make it creamy and thicker. 

Amy at An Allergic Foodie reviewed Jennifer Esposito’s new book about celiac (and her long road to diagnosis. I’ve read a few Jennifer’s Way blog posts, and think the book sounds like an interesting read.

With some wayward zucchini taking up real estate in my fridge from a “failure to grill” incident last weekend, I have been thinking about the zucchini bread muffin tops we used to sell at a sandwich shop I worked at in college. Mmmmm, muffin tops. ANYway, I’ve been looking hard for recipes, but having a hell of a time finding what I wanted — not savory, not with other fruits or veg in, not “double chocolate,” just zucchini and spices and such. I think this recipe might do it, though I think I might futz with the spices a bit (there’s no nutmeg or clove, and I kind of want both) and leave out the nuts (which I love, but not here) in favor of a few almonds on top. But the fundamentals are really good.

Have a great week everyone!

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