2014-07-11 Fabulous Friday Finds

This is Edgar. His humans make him look dumb sometimes, but he doesn't much care.
This is Edgar. His humans make him look dumb sometimes, but he doesn’t much care.


Happy Gas Station Store Food Day! Or, you know, not. The last time I had a Slurpee, they had all sorts of weird flavors (not just, you know, CHERRY), and I was disappointed. Also, no, I don’t trust food that should have labels, but doesn’t, not anymore.

So. About food. How about black bean tofu? Based on the chickpea tofu I think Denise has linked to before, but I think this sounds like an even better idea (if a weirder color).

Our CSA onions and garlic haven’t been THIS prolific yet, but I really really want a garlic braid and an onion braid. My kitchen even has (weird 1960) beams that would look so (not) rustic with braided produce on them!

It’s summer and I (Denise) want potato chips. Fork and Beans has Homemade BBQ and Sour Cream & Onion Potato Chips on her blog. I’d have to sub out the nutritional yeast (Damn you corn!!), but they look yummy. 

For those of you who have nightshade allergies (for which I extend my deepest sympathies), check out this No-Mato Sauce (tomato free pasta sauce). It looks interesting and reportedly really tastes like tomato.

Hope you all have a great weekend!


    1. Thanks for linking to my No-Mato Sauce. I was entirely surprised that it not only looked like tomato sauce, but kinda, sorta, actually tasted like it! Who knew?

    2. I recently tried the chickpea tofu and enjoyed it. I don’t have any problems with soy (if anything, chickpea flour is more of a culprit—I’m always bloated after eating it, but I love it anyway) but was curious so decided to give it a try. It got a bit mushy when I stir-fried it, but that may have been because I used too little oil, dunno. Still tasty. Black bean tofu sounds really appealing, but I have to agree the color’s a bit scary!

      No problems with tomatoes, either, but that sauce sounds like such an interesting combination of veggies that I just might try that soon, too.

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