2014-07-04 Fabulous Friday Finds

Tower Court at Wellesley College, the dorm that Denise lived in for three years during college
Tower Court at Wellesley College, the dorm that Denise lived in for three years during college

Happy (USA) Independence Day, readers and friends. This edition of F3 will not be particularly patriotic (at least not from Mary Kate), but instead will focus on the “independence” part of things — because, hey, with this storm headed at us, we may be “free” of electricity at some point this weekend, and with this past week’s heat, I’ve been “free” of desire to turn on the stove or other heating elements in my 90ºF apartment. So! No-cook options! Yes, these links rely a little more than most allergic eaters would like on prepared foods, but depending on what you can find that is safe, here may be some ideas on what to stock up in for emergency heat waves.

Starting with the one for those who aren’t allergic to fish: a tuna-and-beans salad. I’d make a slightly different vinaigrette, probably, and might add more or different veggies, depending on what I have on hand, but tuna (which Denise hates) is one of my go-to easy staples. I’ve found one brand that’s free of soy: Seasons, in the kosher section at one supermarket here in town. I buy a lot of it.

The other recipe that popped in my searching was this Thai Beef Salad. I’m not sure how my faux soy sauce would work in this (again, from the jerky post, I made this without fish sauce and with a little more salt) instead of the fish sauce, but I’m willing to try it. I usually cook a chunk of beef (roast or flank steak) once or twice a year, and leftovers go in the freezer. I might make one to freeze just for this recipe. I think I’d use spinach instead of lettuce (because I don’t eat lettuce).

There’s also this old recipe from the blog, not for the corn-allergic: Hominy Salad. Replacing the hominy with beans if you don’t like it, can’t eat it, or just want more protein, would likely work pretty well.

This week was my (Denise’s) vacation and I spent it doing food prep and canning so that maybe I can get some of my weekends back. As of Thursday at noon, I had canned 109 jars of food since Sunday. It’s so hot and humid in this apartment that I’ve not been interested in cooking anything else and that I’m not even hungry to be honest.

So here’s a no cook recipe as well, except it’s Peach Liqueur, vodka, peaches, brandy… what could be better? Except I wish I had started it a month ago so it’d be ready now. Also if you can’t find a safe brandy, just use safe vodka. 

For a nice cold cool refreshing treat when you’re too hot to even want to eat, this Watermelon Gazpacho  might tempt me. Or if you’re into avocados, and I am, you could try this Avocado Gazpacho soup too. 

Hope you all have a fun and wonderful holiday!

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