2014-06-06 Fabulous Friday Finds

Hummingbird at rest at the Sonoran Desert Museum in Tucson, Arizona
Hummingbird at rest at the Sonoran Desert Museum in Tucson, Arizona

I (Mary Kate) really love my reuseable grocery bags, and I purposely shop where bulk buying is an option sometimes (though I admit I would feel different if I had a nut allergy — our co-op reorganized to put all the nuts on a completely separate wall, but I am still not sure that would be enough). I get frustrated by the layers of packaging sometimes. But I’m still not sure I’d want to do all my shopping someplace like this, (short article in English here) with NO packaging. I’m curious as to what they do for things like yogurt or applesauce. But I’d definitely like to see it.

So the whole debate about how to define “medicine” for the purposes of paying for has come up in the ACA discussions. I am not sure where I come down on this particular issue. I don’t believe that “traditional Western medicine” has all the answers, not at all. But I’m not saying that some alternative treatments aren’t questionable. Nor am I saying that science should be ignored. However, scientific bias could be reflected in the research models of some of the assessments of treatments considered non-traditional — if you think it’s quackery, aren’t you more likely to prove that?

What I know through my own lived experience is that traditional medicine has not been able to answer all my questions nor solve all of my medical problems. When I have searched outside tradition, I have found some solutions. I feel lucky to have found practitioners, both traditional and non, who are willing to work with one another and consider the value of both approaches.

I (Denise)  know this is a weird one and very science-y, but Thermo Scientific has product information on allergen testing products that also contain information about possible cross reactions and the actual proteins that may be at issue. I know it’s geeky, but looking at it identified why I may be having issues with new things as they are cross reactive with stuff I’m already allergic to. Click on the Food of Animal Origin or Food of Plant Origin in the list on the left  to get lists of foods to review. 

Also as we head into cookout season, Serious Eats has a great article on How to Make Great Grilled Kebabs, focusing on what meats and veggies to choose and the technique of cooking them. They had a list of recipes which I did not check for allergy friendliness as I think we can figure out our own safe marinades.

Have a good week everyone!

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