2014-05-30 Fabulous Friday Finds

In theory, spring can look like this
In theory, spring can look like this

So, here in New Hampshire, people got out spring clothes, so we rolled the weather back to March. FUN!

I’m pretty sure I wouldn’t bother with the sandwich part of this recipe, but I (Mary Kate) am definitely going to try a chickpea scramble soon. I miss the ease of scrambling eggs for dinner. I wonder if doing this with some dill and black salt, with its “eggy” flavor, might approximate the flavor profile of what I used to call “dinner eggs”? It’s worth a try.

And I know we link to Molly pretty often, but she’s funny. Who else would write up Gluten’s OKCupid dating profile?

So, no eggs means no meringue, which I (Denise)would like to have, because I would like to have lemon meringue pie again some day in some form. While this recipe is not the solution for me because I’m allergic to flax, it might work for some of you, and makes me wonder if I could do it with chia – check out Vegan Meringue from Artisan Vegan Life. 

Also for the coconut allergic peeps, I finally found a 100% olive oil liquid castile soap, which would save me from trying to make it myself, but it’s a chunk of change. I’m not sure I can convince myself it’s worth the time savings, when I’ve been considering just learning to make my own, but I thought I’d share. 

Hope it warms up here a bit, and that you all have a great weekend!

    1. I love chickpea scrambles and keep meaning to actually get my hands on some black salt to do it the “right” way. Without it, the scramble doesn’t really taste like eggs, but it’s still really good. And thanks for the link!

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