2014-04-25 Fabulous Friday Finds

We felt as disgusted as this bird looks at the snow earlier this week
We felt as disgusted as this bird looks at the snow last week and gale force winds this week.

After a crock pot INCIDENT this week (it ruined four meals by, you know, not working) I (Mary Kate) am not feeling happily inclined towards recipes. So I’m going to share not food things. Forgive me this week.

First up, this is one of my favorite pin boards: Sidewalks and Crosswalks. It’s an odd subject, even for me, but there is something about the whole tenor of the board that never fails to make me smile. I love the dandelion one.

Lastly, the podcast 99% Invisible, which discusses really random design thoughts in a way I personally find fascinating, did a piece on UTBAPH, or Used to Be a Pizza Hut, a blog that looks at what the iconic Pizza Hut buildings around the world (though, mostly, in the US) have become, today (besides the ones that are still Pizza Huts, I mean). I think it’s nifty. So is the story behind it.

Cooking was not as frustrating in my household this week as it was in Mary Kate’s, but I’m missing comfort food this week. Or rather, greasy bad for you things that I could buy as takeout back in the long, long ago. So I found this recipe for Scallion Pancakes that are gluten-free and the only thing I would have to sub out is the xanthan gum. I think I’m making these this weekend as a consolation as I start the preparation, organization and planning for the upcoming summer of canning. I would really like to have some safe diced and whole canned tomatoes that I could use as ingredients over the next year, besides all the other stuff I did last summer and intend to do again, etc., etc., etc.

And on that note, it’s also time to start getting organized about the farmer’s markets in your areas, and making plans about knowing which ones are open when. Here, they mostly don’t start until June, but here’s the New Hampshire list thus far. If you need the list for a different state, Google is your friend. If you want to look at what fruits and veggies are in season when, check out this interactive map from Epicurious.

Rock the weekend, people.

    1. Thanks for all the great pics (sorry about the crockpot incident!!)–and thanks so much for linking to my Gluten Free Scallion Pancakes recipe! Hope you love them. 🙂

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