2014-03-28 Fabulous Friday Finds


Mayan Ruins in Belize, because why not?
Mayan Ruins in Belize, because why not?

(I don’t know how Denise knew that I (Mary Kate) just finished a book about a time-traveling astroarchaeologist in Mayan ruins in December 2012, but I am loving the photo.)

Nerd alert: This is the coolest ring I’ve ever seen, and possibly the oldest “smart” jewelry on the planet.

I bought a foaming handwash container specifically so I could make my own refill for it when it ran out. This recipe uses soap nut liquid, which I’ve not tried yet — have you used it? I was just planning to use castille soap, but I do want to try soap nuts.

Marshmallow Fluff. I (Denise) miss it. Here’s a recipe for it that’s GAPS and Paleo, but it uses honey.  If you have safe honey (sometimes a problem for those of us allergic to corn) you can use it, but I’m thinking I could do it with the cane sugar syrup I make to replace corn syrup. 

I know that I post a lot of spicy stuff, but I also need to make this Sichuan Chili OilBecause it would be awesome for spicy Asian style dishes. Which I need to work on more of for the blog. So win-win for everyone.

We hope you have a great weekend and that Spring finally works on making an appearance. This fashionably late stuff is annoying. (This is beyond “fashionably late.” Now it’s just downright rude.)

    1. That is Xunantunich…near San Ignacio, Belize! I will be moving there next month! Talk about FRESH food! All organic, unless you buy packaged food. Grown by the Mennonite community…best veggies, fresh and no GMO’s!

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