2014-03-14 Fabulous Friday Finds

THINK SPRING. Maybe it's like Tinkerbell and if we all just believe hard enough...
THINK SPRING. Maybe it’s like Tinkerbell and if we all just believe hard enough…

I (Denise) found this great recipe for Lebanese Garlic Sauce. I can’t use the sunflower, but grapeseed oil might work. As I’m beginning to be concerned about possible corn cross-contamination reactions from the Mindful Mayo (sniff, sniff, wail, sob) I might be experiencing, this looks like it may have potential for modifying it into a homemade mayo-esque thing.

I also found a recipe for Chickpea, Potato, and Spinach Jalfrezi with Cilantro Chutney that sounds so yummy and I don’t even think I’d have to substitute anything (well, other than the vegetable oil).  And it’s not even on an allergy blog, haha!

To make up for the pizza post, here’s a shreddable meltable vegan cheese that might work for some of you. It’s soy-based, so not for me as written. I may give it a go with almond milk and see if it works. I thought it might be okay for the corn-free, but apparently nutritional yeast is a no-go, which I think would make vegan cheeses difficult. (Yes, Denise, I know. It’s a rabbit. I’M FINE.) This cheese recipe might work, though it’s not a melty cheese. But a creamy cheese dip does sound pretty good.

And here — a nice sun salutation to start your day (with cat).

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