2014-03-07 Fabulous Friday Finds

Nubble Lighthouse in the summer - we need to be reminded summer exists.
Nubble Lighthouse in the summer – we need to be reminded summer exists.

Hello, again, Friday. Weekend ahead!

So, did you hear about the new nutrition labels the F.D.A. put out for public comment last week? The New York Times covered it. Have you looked at the new labels? Do they change anything significant, so far as you’re concerned? I think they are slightly more legible, and I like that they are changing the serving size to be more reasonable. But other than those two positive comments, I don’t think the new labels will change anything for those of us who read labels closely.

On a much more fun note, I was thinking about crepes recently — something I’d never made before I was gluten-free or egg-free, but now, suddenly, kind of want. The Canary Files has a recipe that looks quite do-able.

So, I (Denise) recently made bacon. Because most commercial bacons have crappy dextrose, sodium erythorbate, or ascorbates, all of which are corn, and which means no bacon for me from the store. I used this recipe from Saveur.com and it was yummy!! However, if I did it again, I’d probably leave out the fennel and caraway, and I’d only cure it for five days instead of seven, as it got a bit salty. But I can have bacon again!!

One of the things that has been a vague niggling worry is cleaning products for the dishes, hand and machine. Both contain coconut and both likely contain corn, although I haven’t bothered to check. Other than trying not to hand wash too many dishes over a short period of time (I get hives all over my lower arms and hands) and trying to remember not to be an idiot and to wear rubber gloves, I’ve been ignoring the issue. Again, do not follow my example. My younger sister pinned this post on making your own dishwasher detergent on Pinterest, and other than subbing out the Dr. Bonner’s (coconut issue), I think I could make it work. Now to figure out a hand dish soap, so that my arms and hands aren’t all rash-y after a big canning weekend. 

Close your eyes, tap your heels and keep saying, “there’s no season like spring.”  Has to work right?

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