2014-02-28 Fabulous Friday Finds

Think Spring, even though this is fall in Spain.
Think Spring, even though this is fall in Spain.

Adios, February — don’t let the door hit you as you leave.

Pasta — if you’re gluten-free, you’re thrown into a mess of new, way less cheap options to make the quick and easy meal we all love for a weeknight. So this discussion of different GF pastas on the market may be useful to you. I learned that you can’t dismiss a brand because you disliked one shape — unlike gluten-filled pastas, the different pasta shapes work way differently in different formulations of GF flours. I really like corn pasta in a macaroni or spiral shape, but as a spaghetti, it’s kind of awful. The rice flour pastas I’ve tried are exactly the opposite — kind of blech as macaroni or small shapes, but pretty good as spaghetti or other noodles. What pastas have you tried and liked? Or really disliked?

And because February not only has that stupid extra “r,” but because it’s been ridiculous outside, too, here’s the funniest video about yogurt you will ever watch.

I (Denise) miss gardening a bit.  And the jerks at my complex won’t allow us to grow veggies on our balconies. So maybe I can use sprouting sprouts as a substitute, and I won’t have to wait until winter’s over. (Oh God, will it never end??) Check out this blog post on how to do it. They’re supposed to have more vitamin-y goodness too. (I really keep meaning to try this — presumably, I could then grown only a smaller amount of sprouts and eat them before they go mushy. Sprouts are really good in the Sweet Chili dipping sauce. — MK)

If you can still eat out with modifications, check out this post on getting Allergy Business Cards with your allergy information on it to hand to your server. Since we just ordered a bunch of business cards to hand out for the blog, I thought this would be great for some of you.  You can have them done pretty inexpensively at various sites on the web, or get some printable business cards at Staples. 

We’ve added a request on the sidebar here (okay, probably up there) — there is a change.org petition asking for mandatory labeling of corn and corn-derived ingredients as a potential allergen. Now, corn isn’t the most common allergen, but corn and corn-derived ingredients may be one of the most pervasive ingredients in our food system, under about a billion different names, making it incredibly difficult for those with corn allergies, like Denise, to shop. So please consider signing. We’ll leave the little widget box there for a few weeks. (And thanks to Mary Kate for writing this description for me since I got home from hanging out with friends just a little too late for a weeknight. I’d really appreciate any signatures as a show of support, although I’m not sure there’s enough of a ground swell at this time for the FDA to make changes in spite of Monsanto’s influence – Denise)

Have a weekend, everyone.

    1. Thanks for sharing my pasta post! Very interesting about the different shapes tasting different. I’ll have to share that with my sister, who was disappointed in my choice of rotini because she thinks the sauce doesn’t stick to it well. Last night we made pad Thai (sort of—we were lazy and used a storebought sauce, so it was more like peanut noodle stir-fry) and I was reminded that my real favorite is the ever-versatile rice noodle.

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