Whatever Wednesday: Unpaid Product Review, El Recreo Estate Coffee

Mary Kate’s Take: Earlier this year, Denise and I went to the very first New Hampshire Veg Fest, held at

Moveable Feast — the week-long salad

This summer hasn’t been brilliant for me and cooking. Let’s be honest — it was brutally hot and often humid,

Whatever Wednesday: Why there won’t be a corn-free tag on the blog

So most of you know by now, since I’ve (Denise) complained mightily, the whole corn allergy thing sucks. And some

Not Quite Mom’s Coleslaw

It’s summer still, although there’s been a fall-like chill in the air lately. So there’s still opportunities for cookouts and

Brown Rice “Couscous” Veggie Bowl

Generally those of us with multiple food allergies can rely on very little in the way of packaged or convenience

Pan-fried Haddock

My apologies in advance to those of you with fish and shellfish allergies, but I’m from Maine originally, and I