2013-11-15 Fabulous Friday Finds

This Friday Finds is brought to you by the Sleeper-McCann House and dreams of when it wasn't freaking cold out.
This Friday Finds is brought to you by the Sleeper-McCann House and dreams of when it wasn’t freaking cold out.

H.R. 2094 passed Congress yesterday and has been signed by President Obama. It allows schools to have (and use) emergency epinephrine on hand to treat life-threatening allergic reactions in any student. Since allergies can happen suddenly, and kids may be forgetful in carrying their injectors (hey, adults are, too), this is good news. Slate calls on the president, whose daughter has a peanut allergy, to devote some additional funding towards medical research for allergies. I’m in favor of that, too.

Worried about holidays and your food allergies? Follow Molly’s advice for non-awkward, well-in-advance conversations.

Consider your side dish options — like maybe creamy whipped parsnips? I’d replace the coconut milk with homemade cashew milk, but this may be on the Thanksgiving menu. With latkes a given this year, mashed may not be the primary form of potato on the table.

And if thinking about the holidays makes you think of stabbing someone WITH your epi-pen, take a break: go learn some useful conversational factoids, thank a sheep (or llamas and ducks).

I thought I’d try a text color change to more clearly delineate the segue between my (Denise’s) stuff and Mary Kate’s stuff.  Let us know if you like it or think it’s annoying. In any case, check out this Indiegogo funding project for Tellspec, which is a device that allows you to scan your food to see what’s in it, using a spectrometer and your cell phone. This sounds awesome, but I’m dying to know if it would actually work.

And since Thanksgiving is getting closer every day, you need to watch this video on how to spatchcock a turkey, because the word is ridiculous, and because it’s supposed to be the fastest and easiest way to cook a turkey.

I’ve been doing some travel, and I had some reactions which I think were related to coconut derivatives in laundry detergent. I’ve been using a makeup that’s corn and wheat free, but finding one without coconut is damn near impossible.  I’m thinking about using DIY Cosmetics to formulate my own mineral makeup, leaving out the stuff that causes me problems. Because, annoyingly, I think it’s time to wipe all coconut out even the small amounts in my face powder. Anyone out there have any experience with this site?

And lastly, since I have a lot of environmental allergies that make air fresheners torture generally, here’s a nice natural one, a DIY orange and clove pomander, that’s also pretty for the holidays

Hope you all have a good weekend! 

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