2013-1-11 Fabulous Friday Finds

New Orleans dog, 2010
New Orleans dog, 2010

It’s Friday!  Let’s share some fun stuff.

Does life feel like THIS sometimes?  Yes, yes it does.

However, Maria’s post about re-educating your tastebuds holds true, too, though for me it’s been a stop-and-start, few steps forward, many steps back kind of progress.  Sometimes we need to be reminded that it is progress, we are moving forward, even if the changes are gradual.

Here’s a interesting recipe for Gluten-free dinner rolls that can also be dairy and egg free.  They look good. They suggest using flax, but I bet chia would work too.

I found an egg replacement product called The Vegg, because Hannah Kaminsky did a review on her blog and posted some recipes about it.  The Linguine alla Carbonara recipe she posted looks awesome, and the potential use for omelets is intriguing. I ordered some and will report back.

It’s still winter here (New Hampshire). Sigh.  I did find this lovely post on how to make Vegan Candy Cane Hot Cocoa mix in a lovely gift jar.  I’d sub out the coconut sugar obviously, but it looks really yummy.  (Any reason just-plain-sugar wouldn’t work? — mk)

I’m also craving comfort food, which for me includes alfredo sauce on pasta.  I found this recipe, which does contain tree nuts, but doesn’t contain soy.

I know we’ve linked to DIY non-dairy milks, but oh she glows is doing a series, starting with oat milk.  I will be following because — well, cheaper and more control of ingredients.

Do you get seasonal “I-need-to-eat-comfort-food-full-of-carbs-because-I’m-freaking -cold” disorder (or is that just me, Denise)?  If so what are some of the comfort foods you’re craving right now? (NACHOS.  -mk)



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