2013-09-27 Fabulous Friday Finds

Fall Tree
Fall Tree

So, it’s officially fall, and I suppose all is well, right? The leaves here haven’t started turning yet, but it’s coming.

Caramel apples seem pretty straightforward with brown rice syrup standing in for the caramel. Sounds worth a try to me.

One of our favorite celiacs wrote a recipe. Honestly, with all the possibilities and variable measurements, it sounds like a recipe I (Mary Kate) would write. I’m thinking I should do a version ASAP.

And in not-food but awesome: tomorrow is Museum Day — the Smithsonian and participating museums are opening tomorrow for FREE. Go to the website, choose your museum, and print your tickets. What do you plan to see?

This one is for Mary Kate as she as a bit of an obsession with potatoes, although it is a sweet potato recipe, Cilantro & Lime Hasselback Sweet Potatoes.  It sounds yummy, although I’ve (Denise) been having a cilantro fixation this week.

Also, I (Denise) failed the chicken challenge last week. At first I suspected a corn cross contamination reaction, but as time went on, I decided that wasn’t it.  It varied too much from my corn reaction, and I didn’t get the tell-tale blisters on my feet that I get from a corn reaction (yes, how much fun is that?).  So I’m pretty annoyed.  I may do a turkey challenge to see if I react to it, because it’d be nice to have some poultry, but in the meantime, here’s what looks like a great crock-pot pork loin recipe, Apple Cinnamon Slow Cooker Pork Loin.

Also I’ve (Denise) been working on making my own extracts, because most of the commercial versions have alcohol derived from corn in them. I’ve made vanilla and I’ve got a lemon, lime, and orange in process.  Now I need to get myself some fresh mint so I can do a Homemade Mint Extract too. Someday, as God is my witness, I will have safe candy again!  (Imagine me saying this in a slightly hysterical tone doing my best Scarlett O’Hara impression).

As part of the whole corn allergy apocalypse, I’ve been canning and fermenting a lot of things.  I found this recipe for fermented pickled garlic. I’m probably going to have to do this. It sounds awesome.

Hope that you all have a great week!


    1. Didn’t even know chicken allergy was a thing!
      I’ve got vanilla extract going, because it’s crazy expensive here and the beans are cheap, but daaaang, 8 weeks?
      Bookmarking that pork – yum!

      1. I know, vanilla takes a crazy long time to do, but it’s so much cheaper than buying it even here. I guess it’s not that uncommon for people with an egg allergy to end up with chicken too, but it’s aggravating. Because seriously, I needed to bring my allergy total up to an even dozen??!!

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