2013-09-20 Fabulous Friday Finds

Queen Anne's Lace
Queen Anne’s Lace

It’s Friday!

Hummus also has citric acid (corn) in it. So that pretty much means I have to make my own hummus if I want it. Found this nice info graphic of all kinds of different hummus recipes – some of them have my allergens in them but most are clear.  Check it out.

Also, I think I recently posted a recipe for peeps that were Easter-y and suggested pumpkin shapes for Halloween.  Here’s one that has ghosts. The recipe is vegan and can be corn free 🙂

I came across this Vegan Mayo recipe that sounds like it wouldn’t be half bad.  It’s got cashews, so not safe for the nut folks, but I’m interested in checking it out.

Earth Balance has a new product out, Earth Balance Soy Free Buttery Sticks, which it’ll make it easier for those of you with a soy issue and who like to bake. I don’t think it helps me (Denise) but it will help Mary Kate. (Oh, that is going to make life easier! -MK)

THIS is Not Fabulous. The short, summary version is that a Canadian lab tested Bob’s Red Mill Sorghum Flour and it came back as being contaminated with gluten (33 ppm, which is over the 20 ppm allowed and well over what most celiacs and gluten-sensitive people want to consume), though Bob’s own tests showed it under 20 ppm. There is a voluntary recall. In Canada only. But I use this very flour ALL THE TIME and the possibility that I’m eating an allergen that’s so detrimental to my health concerns me.

The flip side of this is the story that the Allergic Foodie posted — it turns out, she is not allergic to eggs, but her soy allergy was causing a reaction to eggs because most chickens eat a soy-heavy diet. With soy-free eggs, she’s got a food back. While I don’t think I’ll be getting foods back this way, I do think this points out how damn complicated allergies can be.

And to end on a more tasty note, for those of you not allergic to coconut, how about pumpkin coconut caramel?

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