2013-09-06 Fabulous Friday Finds

Odiorne Point State Park, Rye NH
Odiorne Point State Park, Rye NH

Happy New Year! To any of our Jewish readers, or any academics (Mary Kate included), welcome to a new year. But not a new blog. We’re pretty set with things here at the moment.

What are we reading?

What about food additives that are banned in other countries but allowed in the US? I just finished a bottle of a lemonade that I really like that has a bromated vegetable oil in it, which is apparently a flame retardant? Yikes. There is still more to look into with these, but I will say that unfortunately the more you look into food additives and food allergens, the more you learn that you maybe didn’t want to know. I’m sure Denise can attest to this more strongly than I can, given her corn allergies. This also bleeds over to close friends and family, too.

Slate is re-writing new rules for entertaining. The series is still ongoing, but rule #4? Compromise on Food Restrictions. Now before you get up in arms, read the post — the author does differentiate between allergies and other food restrictions, and discusses good ways to handle both. This includes the great advice to controlling hosts that it is easier and safer to allow those with severe food restrictions (allergies or celiac would both apply) to bring food if they offer. I heartily agree.

Angela at oh she glows is back for Vegan MoFo, and I really like the idea of apple chia jam. In this case, chia’s gelling properties replace the pectin (most commercial versions have corn in them), as well as adding fiber and whatever else is in chia. You know, green sprouty goodness or something.

So I want to make candy, because I really need some after all this time.  And I like fruity candy so I need to make citrus extracts.  Check out this post on how to do it and I’m going to use Luksusowa Vodka because it’s just potatoes (no corn, no wheat, seriously others can have that, be careful).

Also, since I’ve been playing with fermentation, I might need to make my own Lacto-fermented Ginger Ale, but skipping the cultures because they aren’t safe for dairy-free and corn-free people.  You should be able to do it without the culture, the culture is a short cut.

I found this corn syrup free recipe for Vegan Salted Caramels, wondering if I can manage it using homemade cashew milk, homemade vanilla, and if I manage to find an acceptable homemade margarine recipe (or use shortening). But for those of you without corn or coconut issues, enjoy!

I may also try to have to make taco shells.  Here’s a recipe that’s gluten-free and corn-free if you use safe ingredients, and it’s primarily made of black Forbidden Rice.

Anyway that’s the week in review for food allergy internet goofing off.

In non allergy-related news, Star Trek is apparently 47 years old this weekend. Thanks to Netflix, I (Mary Kate, not Denise) have finally gone full-bore down that rabbit hole (don’t worry, it’s safe. There are no rabbits in space.)

Let us know if you find cool stuff, even if it’s not food allergy related!


    1. Just so that I am not attacked by Star Trek fans, I am not anti-Star Trek. I am anti-my husband watching all the Star Trek series in order to the exclusion of watching anything else until my brain explodes.

    2. I, in no way, intended to imply that Denise was anti-Star Trek. Mostly, I was just laughing because of the fact that Denise’s husband is doing the same thing I am (but he’s way further ahead. And I watch other stuff, too.)

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