2013-08-02 Fabulous Friday Finds

The New England Center at University of New Hampshire (now a dorm)
The New England Center at University of New Hampshire (now a dorm)


Right. August is here. Maybe that means we’ll get some cooler days for more cooking. Maybe it means we should hurry up and eat ice cream and fresh tomatoes before their time has passed.

Since going gluten-free, I’ve really missed wrap sandwiches, and I have some hope that these potato flour tortillas from gf and me might serve that purpose. Just need to track down a tortilla press, or start smashing dough with the cast iron skillet. Anyone know if a press is really necessary?

This headline is COMPLETELY misleading (who writes these things?) but while scientists (have not) discovered a cure for cat allergies (exactly), they do seem to have discovered the exact process which causes a reaction, which will likely lead them to a better treatment. No matter what your feelings on cats, my opinion is that the more we learn about allergies and how they work within the complex system of human beings, the better our future treatment options will be.

Well, the So Delicious website isn’t yet up-to-date (maybe the link will be good by the time this post goes live), but they have apparently come out with shelf-stable cashew milk! For those of us who choose the path of least resistance when we can (Mary Kate) and don’t have corn allergies to deal with (CORN!!! Screamed out just like William Shatner did as Captain Kirk in Wrath of Khan – Denise), this will be a great addition to the grocery stores and my pantry. We don’t seem to be in a test market for much of anything (I’m still waiting to try Daiya’s cream cheese), so I guess patience will be required.

Another science-y article from Time magazine says they may have found a genetic glitch that may explain most allergies and asthma. They are thinking they may be able to target this gene for new treatments, which I’m all for.

I (Denise) made these onion rings, except I used my own gluten free flour mix and I skipped the beer since I can’t find a gluten/wheat-free beer that’s also corn-free, and just used carbonated water from my Soda Stream and I substituted the garlic powder for Northwoods Fire Seasoning mix from Penzeys. Okay, so basically I used the theory of the article, but they were still freaking awesome.  I made them to do my second onion challenge.  I’m going to call onion a pass for now, but watch it carefully.  I did have a minor acne breakout a couple days later, but I wasn’t thinking and used previously used and strained oil that I had previously fried things that are now confirmed allergies in, so yeah, I’m an idiot.  But I’m going to stay off of onion while I do the other challenges, just to make sure there’s not mixed messages.

This is one of my favorite things in the whole world, Banh Hoi with Grilled Beef and I need to see if I can make it safe for me.  I’ve not investigated fish sauce yet, but this is probably pretty good for gluten free people too, as long as you use gluten free soy sauce, etc. Except I would just buy dry rice vermicelli noodles and make it that way, because I’m pretty sure I can’t get fresh banh hoi noodles in the wilds of New Hampshire.

Hope you all have a great weekend! Send us any fun stuff you find 🙂

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