2013-07-5 Fabulous Friday Finds

Denise's grandmother's lake in an undisclosed location in mid coast Maine
Denise’s grandmother’s lake in an undisclosed location in mid coast Maine

We hope you had a fabulous July 4th, and that some of our previous posts on cookout food were helpful.  Now onto the fun stuff for this week.

This week, I started making my own vanilla extract because most vanilla extract and/or imitation vanilla extract has corn in it one way or the other. So I found this post on Tipnut with lots of ways to do vanilla extract yourself. I’m just doing rum and chopped and scraped vanilla beans in a jar and steeping it. I’m also shaking it all the time, a) because I think it’ll meld and extract faster, and b) because it’s kind of cool like a snow globe. I did find a vanilla extract that is supposedly corn-free and gluten-free, but it seemed more cost effective to just do it myself. Plus again, snow globe.

Just as a update for those of you following along, I (Denise) failed the wheat challenge this past Saturday. If any of you have any wheat free, corn-free, vegan, flax-free and nut-free bread recipes, I’d appreciate being pointed in a direction.  Most of the gluten free vegan bread recipes I’ve seen have had enough of something that I’m not supposed of have, that I’m worried the recipe won’t work if I try to sub it out. I may end up having to just develop a recipe on my own. In the meantime I did find a gluten-free corn-free tortilla (except for that xanthan gum, but I’d try guar gum instead) and a recipe for some chick pea chips which are corn-free and gluten free.

I also made this Essential Habanero Hot Sauce  this week which was yummy and like lava…it’s awesome. I’ve done a jalapeno one, but I need a lot of variety. There are about 10 to 12 hot sauces in my fridge that are now verboten, so I’m going to have to make up a safe contingent for me to use.  These two should get me started though, and the next canning adventure is probably going to be a mustard or a relish.

Given the heat wave that, oh, half the country is under, this coconut-water limeade sounds like a really good idea (unless you’re allergic to coconut — then pass this one up. Sorry Denise).

After some consideration, I’m planning to make this lemon celebration cake (maybe without raspberries, if I can’t find good ones) for a barbeque on Saturday.  I’ll be making a few substitutions to make it safe to share (rice for almond milk, guar for xanthan), and I’m really hoping it works out. (Yay!  I’ve always wanted to try that cake, Mary Kate!! – Denise)

Hope you all enjoyed the holiday and the weekend ahead.

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