2013-07-26 Fabulous Friday Finds

It's been feeling tropical in NH, but this is a photo I took in New Zealand of a really, really big fern
It’s been feeling tropical in NH, but this is a photo I took in New Zealand of a really, really big fern

Well, it’s Friday once again! Before we get into some more fun stuff, I just wanted to update you about some information we received from Enjoy Life about their chocolate chips after last week’s post (go here to read the comments to see the response we received). Apparently Enjoy Life does not sprinkle cornstarch on their chocolate chips, and I apologize for providing incorrect information, but they cannot guarantee that they are corn free based on issues in the ingredient and packaging supply chain. Joel Warady, Enjoy Life’s Chief Sales & Marketing Officer, very kindly provided a link to a corn matrix, to better identify which of their ingredients might have corn contact. Definitely go check it out!

Here’s a Baked Chipotle Sweet Potato and Zucchini Fritters recipe that can be made gluten-free and vegan, and looks pretty good.  Interestingly enough, sweet potatoes are in a different family than regular potatoes, so I (Denise) can get away with them during the elimination diet torture. Woo hoo!

Since I now need something to replace Worcestershire sauce in recipes, since wheat is out, here’s a neat article with quick substitutions, and several homemade vegan and vegetarian recipes to make it yourself.

Also, since I pretty much now have to make all my own salad dressings and I’m getting bored with balsamic vinaigrette, and creamy peppercorn using the mix from Penzey’s and Earth Balance Mindful Mayo, I’m going to check out this Honey French Dressing, once I’ve made some safe ketchup I can use.

I’ve been thinking a lot about nut-based cheeses lately with what Denise has been posting about fermenting, and I may be ready to try some again. This not-goat cheese sounds intriguing, and not too planning-intensive.  This feta also sounds promising. And when I’m feeling really brave, smoked cashew gouda, maybe?

And as we’ve had a cooling of the weather (straight from southern summer to almost-autumn crispness), cooked food is starting to sound good again — like potato quinoa patties on top of chickpea curry. What’s not to love?

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