2013-06-28 Fabulous Friday Finds

Flowers on the Seacoast of New Hampshire somewhere
Flowers on the Seacoast of New Hampshire somewhere

So here we are once again and it’s Friday! I (Denise) managed to can some corn free jalapeno hot sauce as my debut to canning stuff.  Now I’m working on what else to do next.  Found this Chili Garlic Sauce that looks awesome!

Since I’m going to be working on canning stuff, I’ve been looking into local sources.  One neat thing I found is PickYourOwn.org which has information on pick-your-own farms in every state, and in some other countries, as well as the crop harvest calendars.

And Elisa has a Creamy Basil Pesto using avocado that looks awesome.  I bet it’d also be good on steamed veggies, since I’m not dealing with trying to find a safe pasta at the moment, until I sort out the whole wheat thing.  And for those of you following along, the wheat challenge was somewhat inconclusive. I (Denise) had some very mild digestive distress and some itching, but they may or may not have been related, as somehow I decided that it be a good idea to eat a pound of cherries the day before. So I’m going to repeat the challenge this weekend and see what happens.

So there’s some stuff going on with your emergency epinephrine injectors — as I gather it, there are some new generic auto-injectors on the market that you may end up with if your prescription for your next epi-pen (though technically that’s a brand name, it seems that most people know these as the only epinephrine out there)  isn’t specific.  There’s some good advice here for making sure you know what you’re getting before you leave your doctor’s office.  This is important primarily because this is a device you are unlikely to use calmly, and in an emergency, you need to know what you’re doing.  While we’re at it, don’t forget to check the expiration dates on whatever emergency meds you carry with you.

NIH has a new database of ingredients used in supplements.  Worth checking out if you take supplements and have allergies.

Both of the previous links come from the FARE newsletter, which has good, up-to-date information delivered not too often.  You can also sign up for alerts on food recalls due to mislabeling and possible allergen issues.

My friend Mary asked me what nutritional yeast is.  I was going to do some research and write up a post, but guess what?  It’s the internet, and someone else already did — Susan at Fat Free Vegan has this covered.

And to perk you up for the weekend (pun unintended but welcomed), Angela at oh she glows has a quick and easy iced coffee plan.

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