2013-06-21 Fabulous Friday Finds

Alien Martini
Alien Martini

I’m going to guess Denise might have a better “first day of summer” photo than this beautiful martini from Bismarck, North Dakota’s very own Space Aliens restaurant.  Turns out, I haven’t been somewhere tropical for vacation since I left home for college.  That seems too long.

Gluten Dude is discussing gluten-free beer.  If you drink beer, maybe you should check it out — and look forward to the upcoming, multi-media beer tasting fun.

Angela at oh she glows is back with a mocha green smoothie.  I tried making a green smoothie once, and I wasn’t impressed with my results, but this looks like a good way to get several good things into one morning drink.  I think it’s worth a try.

The Allergista has some tips on living with cats when you’re allergic.  This definitely depends on the severity of your allergies, but I use some of these tips with my creatures.

So summer, just found another spicy drink I (Denise) might need to play with – Jalapeno Watermelon Limeade.  It calls for vodka, but I’d use rum because I don’t think there’s a vodka that fits my current elimination diet torture at the moment. I love spice, I love lime, and I love watermelon, so how could this not be the perfect drink?! (Remind me to bring you the frozen watermelon I “made” a week or so ago.  By “made,” I mean put into a bag in the freezer. — MK)

I tried those Beanito chips, both the black bean and the pinto bean variety (hmmm, should probably write a review), and they’re good, but somewhat expensive.  So I went poking around and found this recipe for a Black Bean-Millet-Rice Chip/Cracker. I’d still have to modify it at the moment, and I give no credence to the source, as I know nothing about blood type diets, but it looks like it might be interesting to try.

In order to eat something new, besides broiled pork and beef and salad and vegetables during elimination diet hell, I modified this recipe from Rachel Cooks to make taco seasoning and had taco salad with Beanito chips.  I left out the onion powder and modified the amounts of the remaining seasonings a bit to make up for the omission and it was awesome (my chili powder from Penzey’s doesn’t have onion).

Also, we had some voting a couple of weeks ago on my next challenge (which was supposed to be this past week, but I didn’t feel like I had gone back to normal enough), and the winner was –ding, ding ding– Wheat.  So I’ll be eating a loaf of bread on Saturday.  Wish me luck!  I’ve decided that the next challenge after Wheat will be Onion, because we have something coming up in the blog calendar with onion that I scheduled before getting the test results (yes, we’re weird and we have an editorial calendar). I really want to share it with you guys, and it’s yummy so I might as well make it and eat it during the onion challenge.  Once those two are down, I’ll let you guys pick out the next one.  (Editorial calendars are cool.  Like bow ties.  Everyone should have one.  — MK)

Have a great weekend everyone, and please share cool stuff with us!

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