2013-06-14 Fabulous Friday Finds

Lady Slippers in an undisclosed location in NH
Lady Slippers in an undisclosed location in NH

So I’m (Denise) having a tough time with the corn being an actual allergy thing. Because it’s in everything.  And that’s annoying.  And I might actually have to learn to can stuff so I can have tomato sauce and hot sauce again.  Which is annoying.  So I bought Hot Sauce!: Techniques for Making Signature Hot Sauces, with 32 Recipes to Get You Started, which looked pretty good.  I can’t use the distilled white vinegar because a lot of it is corn derived and they don’t have to tell you where it came from, but I’ll try them by subbing it out for cider vinegar and red wine vinegar and see how it goes.

I also bought the Ball Complete Book of Home Preserving, which actually had a lot of stuff I can do, even though I can’t use commercial pectin or ClearJel (both have corn ingredients).  And if I were so inclined, I found a recipe to make your own pectin at home. But there’s probably enough pectin and ClearJel free jams and jellies that I will be able to try before going that deep in.

I also found an advertisement for gluten free and corn free makeup, which also looked to have minimal coconut (carnauba wax may be cross reactive for some people).  It’s called Bellaphoria and it’s organic and cruelty free.  I plan to check it out when I run through my current open stuff. If you’ve tried it let me know what you thought.

This has nothing to do with allergies, but sometimes, don’t we all need a break from allergies?  Here’s yours for today.

Kristina at spabettie has a round-up of her favorite summertime treats — even if you just go for the pictures, it’s worth stopping by.

And last, but not least, check out Crunchy Betty’s gardener’s hand salve.  Even if you can’t or don’t garden, this might be good for you.

Happy Flag Day, everyone.


      1. When I was growing up in Maine you didn’t tell people where you saw them because people tried to dig them up and move them too! Onion is an issue for now, haven’t done the challenge yet, but crossing my fingers it doesn’t stay on the list 🙂

    1. I took up pressure canning several months ago. TMOTH (the man of the house) and I were reviewing our earthquake stores. I realized that about 75% of it had gluten, soy or corn in it (things I try not to eat). Corn and soy I avoid because of GMOs, not allergies, but I cannot eat gluten.

      I started pressure canning my own soups, stews and stuffings using ingredients from my garden, and/or from our local farmers. I’d suggest getting one or all of the Jackie Clay (from Backwoods Home magazine) books. It’s good to have the Ball Basic book, but Jackie takes it to the next level. She explains how to safely can your own recipes.

      I’ve had great success with this. It’s also cool to be able to quickly grab an individual portion of one of my favorite soups when there are no leftovers around for my work lunch. It beats the crap shoot (literally) that eating out can be.

      1. Thank you so much! I will definitely check her out, because I do want to do my own recipes of soups and stews. If I’m going to have to do all this work, I do want to have a bunch of convenience stuff ready too.

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