2013-06-07 Fabulous Friday Finds

Glen Ellis Falls trail, White Mountain National Forest

First Friday in June, and we’ve seen a lot of summer already in New Hampshire.  What are you looking at?

I read this fascinating Michael Pollan article about the microbiome of the human body — or more about the fact that, really, we are not alone, and we are covered in other microscopic organisms, inside and out.  Given that the disruption of the natural ecosystem of the human body is one of the theories floated for the increase in food allergies, I am paying attention.  Yep, it’s long.  It’s also worth the read.

I’ve also been messing with coconut oil-based deodorant, but haven’t gotten what I think is the perfect recipe yet, so more when I get there.  I’m trying to figure out which of the body butter bases might work best and be more temperature stable than coconut, which remains liquid in my hot apartment for most of the summer — I have shea, cocoa, and hemp butter to work with.  Any thoughts or suggestions?

I read about King Arthur Flour cake enhancer over at Based on a Sprue Story.  I think a side-by-side comparison would make scientific sense, right?  Also, TWO CAKES.

Sweet Potato Curry.  That is all.

Here’s a follow up on the tea post why you shouldn’t microwave water for tea.

So I (Denise) did not make out well on the corn challenge. Which is putting it very nicely considering the very foul language I want to scream, a lot and for hours. So now that means I’m going to have to extend the whole freaking challenge thing because I’m going have to see how I do with some corn derivatives like citric acid because I’d like to eat canned and jarred food again. But I keep thinking that maybe I should do one of the other easy ones instead and see what else I might be able to get back in the meantime if I don’t react to them. But I’ve got another 8 days  or so to figure that out, as my next challenge day isn’t until the 15th.  So because I’d like to start drinking my sorrows away in the meantime, here’s an article about Gluten Free and Corn Free Spirits.

And if I’m going to drink, then I need some snack/comfort food to wallow in as well. Since I can’t have potatoes until I do a potato challenge and figure out if I’m allergic to them as well, here’s a recipe for Baked Sweet Potato Chips, one with salt and vinegar and one with sugar and cinnamon.  (Sweet potatoes are different than regular potatoes, and apparently not related so as to cause cross reactions, at least, according to the inter-webs).  (Also, you can be lazy and buy some Terra Sweet Potato Chips.  Or sweets and beets. — MK)

And because I can’t buy roasted red peppers in a jar (citric acid again) and I’m going to need some for a recipe we’ll be posting in the next few weeks, here’s How to Roast Red Bell Peppers. I wonder if you can freeze them afterwards so you can do a bunch at once?  (I am a convenience girl if anything else –read “lazy”).  I’ll try it and report back.  (You can.  I made them once, and they freeze fine.  I like only a bit of bell pepper in things, so… — MK) (Awesome!! – Denise)

Maybe I should have you guys vote as to what the next challenge should be, for the sake of interactivity, and because I want to test the poll thing:

Hope you all have a fabulous week and if you find cool stuff let us know!

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