2013-05-31 Fabulous Friday Finds

Cardinal in a tree at Mary Kate's Place
Cardinal in a tree at Mary Kate’s Place

Alyson Kramer’s new book is out, and she’s shared the recipe for Avgolemano — Greek Lemon Rice soup.

Quick and easy chickpea salad — sounds like a great dinner (contains almonds).

We all know that the labeling laws and even guidelines don’t really do much to protect those of us with allergies, and it is frustrating.  Even so, here’s an allergy alert that may surprise you — Bombay Sapphire gin contains almonds.  Damn you, “natural flavorings!”

A little more fun — make your own lipstick.  Out of crayons.  Seriously.

Just thought I’d (Denise) give you all a little update on the elimination/challenge thing.  I did not test positive for celiac (yay!!!) and I’ve been off everything for nearly three weeks. (I’d gnaw someone’s arm off for a Skittle, just saying).  The corn challenge is tomorrow so I have the weekend to get over it if things do not go well.  Cross your fingers that things go well.  I’d like to be able to eat soda and candy and other crappy unhealthy food again.  But hey just in case it doesn’t go so well for me, here’s a recipe for gummy bears that might work if I can get corn free Stevia. Or I could just modify it and use cane sugar.

And since I’ve been craving Sriracha, which I can’t have because of the citric acid (corn) during this whole elimination torture thing, I found this recipe for Sriracha-Glazed Chicken Wings (contains soy).

Since we’ve been playing with burgers a lot lately, these two recipes caught my eye.  First, a lovely Black Bean and Brown Rice burger that looks yummy, and second, a Sweet Potato Veggie Burger (contains wheat, but I think would be easily modified to go without).

If you find cool stuff, let us know, we want in too!


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