2013-05-17 Fabulous Friday Finds

One of the residents of The Butterfly Place in Westford, Massachusetts
One of the residents of The Butterfly Place in Westford, Massachusetts

First off, just wanted to relate one of my (Denise) recent discoveries/unventions this week (unvention is intentionally misspelled, it’s a term knitters often use for something they figured out that probably someone else has before, but it’s new to them and awesome).  Since I’m wicked fussy about my coffee, and nothing’s really worked for me as a creamer, I make my own cashew milk, which works beautifully in coffee if you don’t have an allergy to them.  And as I don’t have a Vitamix (if anyone wants to blow $400-500 for no reason and give me a present, just let me know), I’ve been straining out the grit/sludge/remains out of the cashew milk and saving them in a container in the freezer because I’ve convinced myself that I’m going to use them to figure out how to make dairy and coconut free chicken korma at some point (I’ve been saying that for months and months, probably at least eight). And since they’re $9-12 a pound depending on where you get them. But after recent experiments, I decided to take the cashew remains out of the freezer and see if I could use them to make another batch of cashew milk.  The recipe I use is the Rawtarian’s, but I skip the almond extract since I’m allergic to almonds.  So I took a cup of cashew remains, and only 1 cup of water, and blended them using varying combinations of high, low and ice crushing settings on my blender.  And I let it blend for quite a while.  Then I added the remaining water and other ingredients, sans almond extract, and voila, a whole new batch of cashew milk that tasted just as good as the first batch.  When I went to strain the milk, nothing wound up in the strainer.  I don’t know if it’s the freezing the cashew remains, or if it’s the starting with a lower amount of cashews to water, but it worked the way I thought it might after recent experiments, and it’s going to save me a boatload of money if I can get two batches of cashew milk out of one cup of cashews.  The next time I make cashew milk, the next experiment will be to see if I can use just half the amount and pulverize the crap of out them with the smaller ratio of water and cashews at the beginning of the process so I don’t have any cashew remains, but still have a lovely strong cashew milk for coffee. If it works, I’ll throw up an actual recipe for it.

I’ve been doing some research in the event that I have to go corn free, which would mean no Earth Balance vegan margarine.  I found this Cashew-Based Vegan Butter (Palm Oil-Free, Soy-Free) recipe.  It has coconut oil in it which is a no go for me, but I’m thinking about trying it using cocoa butter instead, if the sky falls in and the corn challenge doesn’t go as I hope.

I also drink a lot of soda, which isn’t possible for the next two weeks or so until I do my corn challenge.  So I’ve been using this article to make my own soda syrup for my Sodastream.  I’ve been using cane sugar to be sure there’s no corn in it.

Sometimes, you might learn things the hard way — how to avoid allergy contamination from your date, for example.

Remember when I gave you 8000 words on tea?  Twinings has developed a tea to be brewed on board airplanes.  That’s the kind of cool problem-solving the world needs.

Allergic Living magazine has a new poster on anaphylaxis — it’s worth checking out as a reminder of the symptoms and treatment.

Hope you all are having a fabulous week and if you find cool stuff, let us know.

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    1. suggest you make a small investment into a NutriBullet. SOOOOO much better than a blender and it will ‘extract’ the goodness from anything you put in it.

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