2013-03-15 Fabulous Friday Finds

Water lilies at Lake Massabesic in Manchester, NH because we need spring
Water lilies at Lake Massabesic in Manchester, NH because we need spring

Welcome to Friday.  Has it been a week for you?  It has for me.

Are you gluten-free?  Yes?  Well, are your body products?  We’ve covered skin care issues some with Denise’s coconut allergy, but Amanda’s thoughts on  gluten-free body products are worth checking out.  I just double checked my conditioner and shampoo, and they both contain nut oils and coconut derivatives, but seem to be gluten-free.  I know my chapsticks are (I made them).

The NY Times discusses a potential new treatment for food allergies — at least childhood allergies.  Sounds interesting, but intensive, and I have to admit that even though my allergist said I was a good candidate for shots for my environmental allergens, I couldn’t commit to the schedule.

Related, are food allergies part of your identity?  I haven’t found mine to endow me with better powers for speaking up, honestly, but I also haven’t dealt with anaphylaxis yet.

Food Allergy Research and Education — FARE — is probably the leading non-profit working on food allergies (and one of the sponsors of the study mentioned above in the NYT article).  It formed when FAAN and FAI merged last year.  Their new website is up, and should be of use to anyone with food allergies.

And in line with Mary Kate’s week, it’s pretty much been an ugly week for me (Denise) too.  And since it was a week I was taking a lot of medication, I was interested in Amanda’s post on whether she should take medicine with gluten in it.  Gluten is not something I have to avoid, but I do have to avoid milk, various seafood, and egg, strangely enough many of which do come up sometimes in over the counter medicines, vitamins and probiotics, and sometimes vaccines. Somehow I forget to read the label on prescription drugs, but will be doing so from now on.

If you love guacamole, what could be better than an Avocado Chicken Salad which is basically chicken mixed up in guacamole?  Dairyfree, eggfree, glutenfree, sounds like a winner to me! But I could eat guacamole with a spoon. (It’s better with chips.  I’m just saying… spoons don’t have a lot of flavor. — MK)

Also, I came across this Artichoke and Olive Pate, that sounds like it would be awesome with the recipe for gluten free pita bread we posted last week.

For the dairy free among you, Alisa Fleming at GoDairyFree.org has a new post up about the Best New Dairy-Free Products At Expo West, where she got to try new products coming out.  There’s a new Daiya frozen pizza coming out…I’m seriously jealous of those you that will be able to try them.  Stupid freaking coconut.

Anyway, let’s hope that this coming week is better for all concerned.  Let us know if you find cool stuff out there!

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