2013-02-22 Fabulous Friday Finds

Chinese New Year Parade During the Storm in Boston Last Weekend
Two Lions Walk into a Coffee House, or Chinese New Year Parade During the Storm in Boston Last Weekend

Anyone every used Pollen Tracker?  There’s an app for that, apparently.  If I only I could get apps… (MK, you could if you got a phone.  Yeah, I know, never mind. -Denise) (Denise — I KNOW.  But, still, no.  I can procrastinate this one for YEARS.)

Alton Brown explains gluten and gluten-free.  This is a short (less than 3 minutes) video that might help the newly-GF explain things to friends and family.

I have not had brilliant luck making ratatouille (I’ve hated every attempt), but this one is not only so pretty, but doesn’t look mushy.  I hate mushy zucchini, and that usually ruins it for me.  I want to make this for company.

Oh She Glows makes some chocolate.  I have SO MANY IDEAS for this one.  Most of them involve aliens right now.  Photos if/when it happens.

This one’s for our friend Mary, who is the kale whisperer.  I’m pretty sure kale for salad should be fresh, not frozen, but this salad would be good when the snow melts and Mary can see her kale again. (I personally think it might still be alive under there).

I love cilantro. And this Cilantro Lime White Bean Hummus sounds absolutely amazing, and is free of the top eight allergens.

And this Creamed Avocado and Lime Chilled Pasta might not fit the foot of snow we might get this weekend, but I bet it’d be awesome in the summer. Just need to sub out the mayo for Earth Balance Mindful Mayo.

And yeah, I’ve been posting a lot of Sriracha-y things lately, because hello, it’s Sriracha, but I think this might be the be-all, end-all. Candied Bacon with Sriracha.  Hear that heavenly choir and the beam of light shining down on it? Because I do.

Once of the milk things I miss is Creme Brulee or Flan, which ever custard variant you want to call it. I miss it deeply. So far, no dice on a replacement for me. But I did find this recipe for those of you who can have coconut, Vanilla Creme Brulee. Haven’t found a recipe yet that doesn’t have soy (I just don’t like it) or coconut (allergic). Sigh.

Anyway, if you find cool stuff we want to know about it.  Share and share alike everyone!

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