2013-02-15 Fabulous Friday Finds

Chinatown, Montreal
Chinatown, Montreal

Happy New Year!  As of Sunday, it is the Year of the Snake.  To celebrate, we’re going to check out Blue Ginger.

I found something to do with the blueberries I picked and froze last summer — breakfast cake.  YUM.

I’m getting back to making cookies.  Generally, I don’t love it, because there are multiple batches and I get distracted.  But I love eating cookies, so these are looking like a good option — salted cherry oatmeal.

An update from a previous Find — after Denise’s post, I bought the Libman Freedom mop.  Love it.  It works great, and it’s quicker and easier than the sponge mop and bucket.

I could totally eat ginger lime Brussels sprouts.

If you’re tired of Buffalo Wings, try this Sweet & Sticky Baked Chicken Drumstick recipe.  It does have soy sauce in it, but you can use the coconut stuff, or you can try this recipe for a homemade soy sauce substitute from the GFCF Lady, which is also coconut free for those of you with soy and coconut allergies.

Also since it’s winter and was very recently Chinese New Year, here’s some Asian Noodle Soup to Cure a Cold.  It does have soy and gluten, but it looks yummy, and I (Denise) can eat that.  It’s also vegan.

Since we have a wonderful President’s Day post coming up, and I’ve been thinking about doing something involving bread (can’t say any more, top secret until Monday), I found a couple of interesting recipes which are gluten-free. First a recipe a Gluten-free, rice-free, dairy-free bread recipe for the bread machine (woo hoo!), and then a fabulous looking gluten-free cranberry bread, both from the Gluten-Free Goddess.

Let us know what cool stuff you’ve found.  Also, if anyone has any hints for gluten-free, dairy-free, egg-free and soy-free Asian food, please let us know.

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    1. For the Asian soup, if you made it without tofu and with true soba noodles (which are 100% buckwheat and therefore gluten-free) or with rice noodles, it would be GF and soy free but for the soy sauce, which you’ve given recipes for replacing. So it, too, could be done.

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