2013-01-18 Fabulous Friday Finds

What up, Friday readers?  What do you have going on?

Let me get the learning/social justice link out up front.  While we love quinoa, and its versatility — we found some great recipes for it this week —  it only grows in a very small part of the world where it is a staple crop, and its popularity had adversely affected prices in the local areas where it is grown.  I only wish this article pointed to more potential solutions.  Will this change your relationship to quinoa?

Dreaming of gluten-free vegan pizza crust?  Happy happy thoughts.

Is it cold where you are?  As Denise keeps very pointedly mentioning, it’s winter in New Hampshire.  Since I can’t eat Vietnamese pho on a regular basis, I think I’m going to give this magic healing soup a go.  Anytime you add sriracha, it’s a good day.

Also in things I would like to eat: chicken tacos.  Supremely easy, crockpot recipe, with magic dinner waiting at the end of the day?  YES.  I would do this with the tomatillo salsa I really like, sort of like the chicken green chile I order when out for Mexican food.

Yes, I (Denise) know I keep whining about the weather in New Hampshire. Being from Maine you’d think I’d be used to it, but I’m taking snow as a personal affront these days. But to continue the theme of yummy spicy food, I found this Spicy Asian White Bean Dip with lots o’ Sriracha that I could probably just eat with a spoon.

Also I really want to make these Curried Quinoa Samosas with Cilantro-Ginger Sauce. I think the cilantro ginger sauce might be an answer to one of my food allergy food quests as listed on our spreadsheet of stuff we wanted to be able to eat again, if I sub out the coconut vinegar.

I have been enduring mad cravings for a bagel.  Since I can’t even find a commercial one to try, I think I might give these vegan gluten-free bagels a try, maybe with some of the cashew-based cream cheese from fall’s Veg News cheese recipes?

To leave you on a sweet note, vegan, gluten-free, but not nut free, raspberry almond thumbprint cookies.  And the kicker?  Vegan, GF, homemade Twinkies.

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